But there’s also other possibilities, where you need extreme level of performances while getting a flexible layer (virtualization) on top. This is what James Tervit said, CEO of EWI Tech Ltd (ETL), a new start-up focused on engineering more efficient network / Data Center architectures:

ETL through the benefits of reduced space, weight, power and increased encrypted data throughput created by its peering exchange technology, recognizes the bottleneck within conventional data storage architectures. DPU’s have great potential to remove those bottlenecks, providing much needed efficiencies to data center infrastructure. As a company we have planned for the continual development of DPU technology within our roadmap to help clients reduce Ethernet/storage latency whilst increasing security.


Full post here: https://xcp-ng.org/blog/2021/07/12/dpus-and-the-future-of-virtualization/